ADS-B Available for More Avidyne Avionics

Avidyne AvionicsAviation International News is reporting that Avidyne is now offering software that facilitates ADS-B upgrades for aircraft equipped with its EX5000 and EX500/600 multifunction displays and Entegra R9 flight decks, including display of ADS-B In traffic on Entegra-equipped aircraft.

The software update includes R8.2 for the EX5000 and R4.2 for the EX500/EX600. With this software upgrade, those MFDs can display ADS-B In FIS-B weather when coupled with Avidyne’s SkyTrax 100 ADS-B In receiver and TIS-B traffic with data delivered via Arinc 429/735. The software also allows installation of third-party ADS-B In receivers, including L3’s Lynx NGT-9000, Garmin’s GTX 345, FreeFlight’s Rangr-RX, and other Capstone/735-compatible receivers, according to Avidyne.

For aircraft equipped with an Entegra R9 flight deck, Avidyne’s AXP remote transponder and SkyTrax 100 receiver provide ADS-B Out and In. The R9.4 software upgrade is required to display FIS-B weather and TIS-B traffic on the R9 displays with the SkyTrax 100.

The software upgrades retail for $999, but Avidyne noted, “Some Entegra units may have to be returned to a service facility to have the software upgrade installed.”

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