Alpha Air educates pilots and plane owners on ADS-B equipment

Alpha Air hosted pilots and plane owners from around the area to learn what instrumentation they need by 2020.

Planes that have not been upgraded to have ADS-B equipment will be extremely limited on what they can do in 2020 due to a FFA mandate.

"Tonight is an avionics open house. So were helping to educate owners and pilots of the ADS-B requirement in nexgen technology,” says Joshua Crooker, general manager Alpha Air Center.

The automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, or ADS-B, instrumentation tracks planes without using radar.

“Where they're going, climbing or descending, for traffic awareness, and also for search and rescue as well it will help with that,” says Joshua Crooker.

Monday evening Alpha Air Center invited those that fly or own planes to learn about their options when it comes to upgrading their aircraft.

"There's a wide range of solutions that you can do from something simply to just meet the a full you can do a full panel re deal,” says Crooker.

Pilot Caleb Baugh came to see what he could possibly use while flying and says that the ADS-B gear is useful when up in the air.

"We have it in another plane that I fly and I absolutely love it. It's really handy. It gives you a lot of situational awareness that isn't there before,” says Caleb Baugh.