Flying Safely with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

What is ADS-B or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast? It is something that will soon be the standard broadcast for aircraft and traffic control. It is completely different from radar, and every aircraft flying through airspace must comply with an upgrade to be able to receive this broadcast in the next few years.

Do you need to care about this ADS-B upgrade? Yes. Every aircraft owner needs to upgrade their plane or jet. Unless you fly aircraft exempt from this FAA mandate, your jet needs to be outfitted with the proper transponder so that it can remain compliant and fly in Airspaces A, B or C.

ADS-B works to manage air traffic using GPS. There is an entire network of stations being set up to work with the signals the new ADS-B transponders will emit. While radar stations were once sending information to aircraft, the ADS-B transponders will send information out individually, but they will also be capable of reading back air traffic updates and weather updates.

How do you get your jet to become compliant? That is easy. Bring it to your aviation mechanic or repair expert. They will install all the necessary hardware. In some planes, the existing equipment will only need to be upgraded. Your aviation technician can advise you of what your jet needs to fulfill the requirements set forth by the FAA.

What happens if you are exempt? If you are exempt, you have until 2025 to comply. Even if you have an exemption you may wish to upgrade your jet now. Otherwise, you will need to fly through deviation routes instead of ordinary routes. This could be a big inconvenience for you, so getting the upgrade might be the better option.

Every jet of every size will need to be upgraded. Your mechanic can also advise you on which datalink source to choose. It can get confusing but with the help of an expert in avionics, the upgrade process can be easier.

They can also let you know what recent FAA bulletins there are regarding this matter. These bulletins could impact the choice you need to make for getting your jet up and running with the right ADS-B system.

A lot of jet owners worry about the cost of the upgrade. You will need to incur some expenses, but rather than just upgrade all your hardware yourself take it to a professional mechanic. They can save you money by inspecting the equipment you already have. Some planes have ADS Out links already. This is the first step to upgrading to the correct broadcast.

You need to be compliant to fly your jet safely for your sake and for the sake of your passengers. Every jet owner, large and small, must make the switch by 2020, so you are not alone. Speak with your local aviation mechanic to find out what changes apply to your aircraft. They can let you know exactly what needs to be done and complete the installation for you so you can continue to fly uninterrupted.