Get Your Aircraft Upgraded Today with ADS-B

As a private aircraft owner, you have already heard about Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast or ADS-B. The deadline to have your Mode C transponder upgraded to ADS-B Out is Jan. 1, 2020. To get your plane compliant with the FAA you need to take the following steps.

First, make sure that your aircraft is not exempt from this mandate. Most privately-owned jets or planes are not exempt, so you should plan on upgrading it through an authorized aviation maintenance company near you. Assume you are not exempt if you know you will be flying over Class A, B, and C airspace.

There is no need to wait until just before the deadline to do this. In fact, many professionals in the industry recommend that you upgrade your plane now. This will help you avoid any last-minute problems.

Work with aviation companies capable of installing Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast systems in your specific type of aircraft. Sometimes upgrading is not as clear-cut as you might expect it to be. Expert aviation mechanics will be able to determine what equipment your plane needs to become compliant.

This upgrade might involve the need for new hardware. Your mechanic can advise you. Not every plane needs its RC hardware to be replaced as part of the upgrade, so it is best to work with your expert aviation mechanic so that you avoid paying for unnecessary equipment. Lots of times equipment that is in good shape only needs to have the outputs adjusted.

As for exempt aircraft, you still need to upgrade but you will have until 2025 per the FAA to become compliant. If you can, have your aircraft upgraded to ADSB-out now. It gives you more time to get used to the new technology and it helps you fly in a safer manner.

As a review, this technology works in a more specific manner than the technology that it is replacing. When you upgrade, you can also fly your exempt aircraft through normal routes and not have to detour as you will until your jet is upgraded. All aircraft will be more visible to air traffic control with the new system. You will fly in a safer way as soon as you get the upgrade even if you have an exempt plane.

The cost is what puts most private aircraft owners on edge. The ADS-B upgrade is actually highly affordable. Check with your mechanic to see what your plane needs. Bulletins are being issued by the FAA regularly which delineate what upgrades certain planes require. Your aircraft may not need an overhaul of its broadcast equipment.

Bring your jet or aircraft into the future today with an ADS-B upgrade. You can fly safer and can enjoy the convenience of having air traffic and weather information delivered to you in real time. The sooner you get the upgrade, the more time you can adjust to the new system and enjoy the conveniences it brings to flying. Speak to your aircraft maintenance expert to find out what your aircraft requires today.