Honeywell to Partner with FlightAware to Boost Flight Tracking Abilities

Honeywell is set to partner with flight tracking data firm FlightAware to provide advanced flight tracking support to operations control centers and business jet owners.

As a result of the collaboration, Honeywell GoDirect Flight Services’ users will have access to FlightAware’s aggregated flight information from data link position reports and air traffic control radar systems in more than 45 nations.

The partnership will also give them access to FlightAware’s network of terrestrial Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receivers in more than 180 countries worldwide.

Additionally, users will receive access to more real-time information regarding aircraft speed, altitude, position and estimated time of arrival free of cost to plan the safest and efficient route available.

FlightAware founder and CEO Daniel Baker said: “We pride ourselves on keeping pilots, aircraft owners and operators consistently informed with the most up-to-date and comprehensive flight tracking information available.

“Our proprietary, machine-learning and optimization engine intelligently fuses thousands of data sources from all over the world to provide Honeywell users with the most advanced and accurate flight tracking experience they’ve ever had.”

Using the pooled data, operators will be able to better understand where their aircraft or fleet is in relation to the air traffic environment around them.

It will help an operations control center to get information about an airport delay beforehand and quickly update an aircraft’s planned route, saving them time and money.

Honeywell Aerospace connectivity services senior director John Peterson said: “By working closely with FlightAware, we are giving business jet owners and operators a more complete view of the skies so they can more effectively anticipate and manage their aircraft operations to reduce costs and improve the passenger experience.

“As the needs of business aviation operators continue to become more complex, we’ll match that complexity by partnering with companies like FlightAware to continuously improve our services.”

In order to employ these new features, Honeywell customers will have to update their GoDirect Flight Tracking application that is a part of the GoDirect Flight Services.

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