The Avionics Maintenance Industry & Its Importance In The World

As an investor, I am always looking at companies, tickers, and their financials. I have a unique method for choosing securities, and the final step in that method is what I call personal association. I end up finding stocks that have personal connections with people I know. For example, there is a ticker 'AIR' that represents an avionics maintenance company. This company reminds me of my uncle who is a retired aviation mechanic with the Air Force.

Commerical aviation on all levels is a big business. This particular company that I mentioned not only deals with commercial aviation but also government and defense industries as well. Can you imagine how rock solid a career in this type of field would be? You can certainly bet that you have a job for life, as your skill set would be needed whether in the military or in the traditional job market.

Avionics maintenance represents a broad spectrum of different services. In the case of the company I mentioned, they also provide what is known as expeditionary services. This includes the delivery of airplanes to specific locations, as well as the delivery of spare parts. They work closely with the military to keep our armed forces agile and mobile. You can imagine that expeditionary services are also a very important part of their business model.

Maybe you're aren't looking into avionics maintenance for job opportunities or as an investor, but as a potential buyer of an aircraft. A pre-purchase inspection is so crucial in determining the right aircraft to buy. You are certainly also going to have to consider the costs of regular maintenance and upkeep when it comes to an airplane. Unless you plan on making money by using your airplane, buying one isn't an investment that is going to see the aircraft increasing in value more than you spend on maintenance.

If you are a potential buyer, what is the reason you are going to purchase an airplane? I live in an area where people have all kinds of different uses for airplanes and also helicopters. They provide helicopter tours for people here, and they fly banners up and down the coastline, promoting different places of businesses to tourists. These pilots that have small aircraft get paid advertising dollars to fly those banners where thousands of people can see them while sunning themselves on the beach.

While they make good money, you can bet they, too, have to keep their aircraft well-maintained. Some pilots know a lot about avionics maintenance themselves. However, when it comes to maintaining aircraft, it typically requires a team of people. There are also consistent checkups that are necessary in order to ensure that aircraft are airworthy. It sure is exciting to think about owning an airplane though, and it's exciting thinking about being one of the people to work on them, too. Avionics maintenance is a very lucrative career and one that is in high demand and spread across many different industries out there in the world.